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Tile Flooring Store in North Bay, ON

Stradwicks Carpet One Floor & Home in North Bay, Ontario, is your locally-owned tile flooring expert. If you are looking to start a new flooring project in your home, make sure you check us out! Our selection of tile includes porcelain, stone, ceramic, wall tile, and more. We offer not only floor tile, but also backsplash tile, shower tile, and tile that can be installed outside. We have your local flooring experts, and they are here to not only help you pick out the perfect tile but also help you design your space around it!


Tile continues to be one of the most common kitchen flooring options because of its moisture resistance. Tile can be installed in other places around your home as well though. New tile trends are also helping to expand where in your home you can install the tile. One of the most popular style trends is wood look tile, and the best part is you can install it anywhere in your home without the maintenance of traditional hardwood. 


Why Do You Need Tile?


There are so many different benefits when it comes to choosing to install tile in your home. Tile has beautiful and reliable options for every style, including classic and contemporary, and there are plenty of colours and patterns to add distinction. Tile is great for creative homeowners because you can let your personality be reflected through design. You can transform a room with the right tile; subtle pops of style like accent walls can make a huge difference. Tile is also one of the easiest floors to care for. You simply have to mop or sweep occasionally to prevent the buildup of dust.


What Are The Different Tile Types?


Tile is a great way to add sleek and sensible flooring to your home. The two most popular residential tiles are porcelain and ceramic tile. Other tile options include stone tile which uses natural tile to upgrade your space and wood-look tile which gives you the look of hardwood with the durability of tile.


Ceramic Tile: Ceramic tile is one of the first options homeowners seek for indoor settings such as kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic tile comes in a variety of colours and is not only a great flooring option but can also be installed as a backsplash.


Porcelain Tile: You should consider porcelain tile if you are looking for a durable tile solution. Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is extremely durable and waterproof. Both ceramic and porcelain tile are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, including natural wood and stone looks.


Stone Tile: You will also find stone tile options in our showroom including marble, granite, and limestone. Stone is a high-end natural material that is quarried in slabs. Stone tile is unique because each slab features unique mineral patterns that are distinctly different from the next. Stone can be treated to be stain and water-resistant and can even be installed outside of your home.


Wood Look Tile


If you’re interested in an elevated flooring choice that’s stylish and functional, faux wood tile might be just right. Wood-look tiles come in the shape of elongated planks, rather than traditional square modules. Each tile plank has a beautiful hardwood visual at the surface that echoes rustic reclaimed oak, rich mahogany, elegant birch, and more. Special texturing is used to give the tiles a feel that matches the grain patterns and knots in the imagery. Since it’s water-repellent and durable, you can install wood tiles virtually anywhere in your home and can also be used in light-use commercial spaces.


Where Can Tile Be Installed?


Before you choose a type of tile, you should know what you want to use the tile for. Tile is the perfect option for kitchens and bathrooms alike, and they can handle the heat and humidity in laundry rooms. Our collection of wood-look tile can be installed throughout your home including in bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways. Our ceramic tile options can also be used to create a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. Tiles are usually difficult to install, but fortunately, we work with teams of skilled installers who can handle any and every project. We’ll work with you to choose the right grouts and glazes, and we’ll be sure that the result is exactly what you had in mind.


Kitchen & Bathroom Tile


We specialize in more than just flooring. One of the advantages of tile is that you can install it in a variety of places around your home, including bathroom and kitchen walls because of its water-repellent qualities. Having a stylish backsplash or tile accent wall in these areas will protect your vertical spaces from splashes, humidity, appliances, and other wear and tear. We have a variety of tile styles available to create a custom backsplash or accent wall design that will truly complete your interior design.


Our Tile Selection


When you shop with us, you’ll find a wide collection of tiles to choose from. At Stradwicks Carpet One Floor & Home you’ll find name brands you love and exclusive brands at exceptional values. As your locally owned and operated flooring retailer, you can come to us as your design experts as well. Our flooring professionals have an eye for design and can help you choose the perfect tile product for your next home improvement project. As a member of Carpet One Floor & Home, we have the buying power of 1,000 stores strong but still, maintain our local roots. Visit our North Bay, ON showroom today and discover our amazing selection of tile.


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Tile Maintenance

Tile flooring is one of the easiest flooring options to

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