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Best Vinyl Flooring in North Bay, ON

Vinyl flooring is a popular hardwood alternative found in homes and businesses today. It is suitable for both residential and commercial use, making it an adaptable product to install virtually anywhere. Get the same natural look as hardwood or stone but with the added benefit of it being luxury vinyl. The construction makes it durable and functional, meaning you can install it anywhere you can think of. Stradwicks Carpet One Floor & Home is always on top of the latest trends. We carry only the best vinyl flooring brands and our friendly staff can help you navigate our selection.


The main attraction of vinyl flooring is its durability. Unlike natural floors such as hardwood and ceramic tile, vinyl floors can stand up to anything life has to offer. The surfaces can withstand scratches and scuffs, and the planks and tiles are stable enough for heavy foot traffic.


Types of Vinyl Flooring


Depending on your needs and budget, you consider a specific type of vinyl flooring for your next project. Sheet vinyl, vinyl plank, and vinyl tile are the types of vinyl flooring you can expect to encounter on your next shopping excursion.


For those with tight budgets or those who have an exceptionally large area of flooring to cover, sheet vinyl can be a nice option. It’s sold in convenient rolls and can be installed with minimal seams. Property managers or owners of large commercial complexes often use sheet vinyl.


Although traditional tile is sought after, homeowners sometimes turn to vinyl tiles because they are warmer and more forgiving to stand on. Vinyl tiles feature all the same styles, colours, patterns and more like traditional tile. These tiles can withstand constant traffic and wear better than most flooring. Vinyl tiles come as individual pieces, and types can be grouted to give a more authentic tile feel.


Vinyl planks are designed to look and feel just like real hardwood. Hardwood is a value adding flooring option, but often homeowners want something that is durable, long-lasting, and beautiful. Vinyl planks are resistant to moisture and others are completely waterproof. You can install vinyl planks where you could never install hardwood including kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl planks are easier to care for than hardwood and require no special treatments like being sealed or finished.


Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?


While all vinyl flooring is made to resist moisture, there are also varieties which are 100% waterproof. Waterproof vinyl flooring is a smart choice for kitchens and bathrooms, where actual hardwood isn’t the right fit. Does a typical day in your household include rambunctious pets, freewheeling toddlers, and a loaded schedule?


Waterproof vinyl flooring resisting damages, requires very minimal upkeep, and stands up to everyday accidents. That means that, unlike actual wood, this floor won’t become permanently damaged in the incident of a plumbing emergency. Waterproof vinyl planks are made up of multiple layers that all play a role in how the floor functions.


There is a wear layer, an image layer, a stability layer, and a backing. The wear layer helps to protect the surface from scratching and moisture, where the image layer is a high-definition image of real wood, the stability layer helps to make the plank durable and resist expanding and contracting due to changes in humidity. Finally, the backing helps to keep your floor even and comfortable to walk on.


Vinyl Installation


With thousands of sizes, colours, styles, and visuals to choose from, you won’t have any trouble finding vinyl flooring options for every room in your home or business: even your laundry room, hallways, and stairs. An excellent choice for busy families with children and pets, vinyl flooring also works great in high-traffic commercial environments.


Whether you’re worried about an imminent self-installation, or planning to use our professionals, you can trust in our team of talented industry experts to help make it happen. Adding vinyl flooring is a wonderful way to beautify one’s home, while nudging your property value upwards. However, a proper installation is crucial to warrant these outcomes. The truth of the matter is the condition of your flooring can either make or break your property assessment. If wrongly installed, your floor is much more likely to become damaged, or age before its time. Even worse: your manufacturers’ warranty may not cover pitfalls provoked by a faulty install.


Fortunately, our experts are here to help you with installation. There are diverse kinds of vinyl flooring installation options available. Planks and tiles are made to click firmly in place, eliminating the need for glue or other messy adhesives.


Our Vinyl Flooring Selection


At Stradwicks Carpet One Floor & Home it’s our mission to help you meet your perfect flooring match. We offer a comprehensive inventory of vinyl flooring products, including plank and tile, and we’re always happy to answer all your questions. As members of the continent’s largest cooperative of independent flooring stores, we boast the purchasing power of over a thousand other stores; meaning even more choices are available to you, along with unbeatable price. Visit us today at 116 Brule Street in North Bay, ON.



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Caring for Vinyl Flooring


If you’re looking for a floor you won’t have to spend

hours cleaning or polishing, vinyl flooring is an

amazing option. An occasional sweep-up is really all

that’s needed to keep this floor in

finer form.





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