PPG Paint North Bay, ON

Accent your walls with PPG paint from Stradwicks!

Home design and interior design are always evolving, and that is no different when it comes to wall paint. Paint trends are often in concurrence with the year’s general color trends that are displayed on dishes, clothing, accessories and more. This year, those colors are muted greens and blues, mixed with tans and greys. These colors are perfect for painting a wall, since they are demure and more neutral, although still beautiful in their own color.

One of the most popular practices now among home designers is to accent one wall with one color while painting the other three a different color. This is such a beautiful way to add depth to a room as well as show off multiple paint colors! Here at Stradwicks, we stock PPG paints and supplies for you to be able to achieve a beautiful and long lasting look. PPG is a high quality brand of paint that comes in so many color varieties and is made to last.

To learn more about the different PPG paint product lines we carry as well as our colors and design expertise, call us at 705-482-0231 or come in to learn more! Stradwicks Carpet One North Bay is proud to serve customers throughout the areas of North Bay, Madawa and Sturgeon Falls.