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Pet Friendly Flooring

We all love our pets.  What we don’t love is their uncanny ability to leave marks in our flooring no matter how we try to keep their nails trimmed.  So what can you do when your floor looks like a hockey rink right after a game?  Here are some flooring options you may want to consider in your pet-friendly household.

What Type of Flooring Should I be Looking For?

When evaluating flooring options you should keep these four things in mind if your home has a pet:

  • Is it resistant to scratches?
  • How resistant is the flooring to damage?
  • Will the flooring provide traction for your animal?
  • Will the flooring be comfortable for your family pet?

What Type of Flooring Should I Consider?


While some hardwood floors are known to scratch easily, others are more durable because of the hardness of the wood.  Use the Janka Hardness Scale when evaluating the hardness of the flooring.  If the hardness is 1250 or higher, it is likely to be safer for homes with pets.  Woods such as oak, maple, hickory, and mahogany are higher on the Janka scale, while softer woods such as pine, chestnut, and hemlock should be avoided.


Bamboo is another wood flooring option available and is considered to be one of the most popular options for people with pets who want wood flooring.  It has a natural hardness that’s higher than traditional hardwood floors increasing its durability as well as it’s resistance to scratches and stains.


Vinyl tile is an ideal option for homes with pets.  It’s affordable compared to other flooring options and is extremely durable.  Vinyl provides traction, keeping your pet from slipping and sliding.  It also promotes low allergen levels meaning that pet dander is less likely to be an issue.

Having a pet does not mean that you have to resign yourself to ugly floors.  For more information about flooring options that would be suitable for your pets, please feel free to contact us today.