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Luxury Vinyl Tile in North Bay, ON

If you’re like us when shopping around for flooring, you have specific qualities you are looking for in a product. Since we know that for everyone those qualities will be different, we’re naming the top four things we love about vinyl flooring to help you narrow down your selection? Is vinyl the floor for you? Read on to find out:

It’s scrappy yet chic

Vinyl is a floor made from polyvinyl chloride as well as other compounds and pigments to create a hard yet flexible flooring. Because of the materials used to make vinyl, the product is very durable and stands up to gouges, dents or other causes of wear. There is actually a layer on the top of vinyl called the wear layer that stops the damage! Look for thickness when it comes to the wear layer; the thicker the better.

It’s easy to clean

Vinyl is a cinch to clean which is no wonder why so many people love it! Because sheet vinyl is installed seamlessly, there is no way for water, moisture or other things like dirt to seep into the floor or subfloor. Vinyl also resists stains well due to its protective wear layer. All it takes to keep your vinyl flooring fresh is a daily sweep and a weekly mop, but you do spill something, make sure to wipe it up right away.

It’s versatile

Because vinyl is a manufactured floor, it is available in many different subcategories. There is sheet vinyl which is seamless, often colorful and great for easy installation. Then there are two types of vinyl that are newer and more advanced called luxury vinyl tile and vinyl plank flooring. These products are made to resemble wood, stone and tile flooring but are available at the fraction of the cost. Plus, because vinyl stands up to moisture, you can install it in the bathroom or kitchen and get the look of hardwood you never thought imaginable for one of those rooms!

It’s comfortable

Vinyl has a slightly cushy feel which makes it very comfortable underfoot. These vinyl floors are available in traditional cushioned or with fiberglass backing and are most commonly available in planks. If you spend a lot of time standing or walking around your home, vinyl is a great option. There is also less cushioned vinyl which works great for lower traffic areas.

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