Laminate Wood Flooring

Get the looks of natural hardwood with additional versatility

Laminate Flooring in North Bay, ON

laminate hardwood in North Bay, ON

Laminate wood flooring, is a great alternative to natural hardwood as it offers the looks while adding additional performance. At Stradwicks Carpet One in North Bay, ON we are proud to offer a wide selection of laminate wood flooring options.


Laminate replicates the looks of real hardwood. This is made possible by an ultra-HD film layer. And you can even enjoy the authentic surface textures with laminate wood floors that include registered embossing technology.

Wear Resistance

Unlike hardwood, laminate has a top layer (called the wear layer) that resists scratches and other damages from impact. It is naturally wear resistant and no additional treatments or finishes are needed. This layer also makes the floors much easier to clean.

Dimensional Stability

Laminate wood flooring has special support layers called the core layer and the base layer, which makes it more dimensionally stable than natural hardwood. Laminate planks will rarely buckle or collapse, even when exposed to extreme stresses. While laminate is not 100% waterproof, it is better-prepared than hardwood for humid and moist conditions.


For the most part, laminate wood flooring needs to be cleaned like hardwood, especially in high traffic areas. Dirt and dust should be swept from the surface, and any spills should be wiped up as soon as possible. However, your new laminate floor will not need to be refinished like hardwood.

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