Kitchen Flooring North Bay, ON

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When choosing flooring for your kitchen, you want something that is strong, resists staining, and that looks good.  Tile meets these criteria and is generally a popular option for kitchens. Tile comes in all ranges of prices, so it is affordable. You may still spend a lot for fancy kitchen tile, but there are enough options and range to fit mots budgets and tastes.
Tile flooring comes in three basic types:
• Ceramic is made from clay, easy to install and low cost, but more prone to damage.
• Porcelain is the most popular, made various minerals and sand. It is tougher than ceramic, but is harder to install and a little more expensive.
• Stone is durable and looks great, but requires more work and maintenance and is most expensive.
Any of these three are great for kitchens.  Even though ceramic is the most likely to crack, it is still tough, and it takes a hard collision with a heavy object to do much damage. Some tiles absorb water, so it is a good idea to make sure the tile you are considering is good at water resistance or is properly sealed.
The benefits of tile include:
• Toughness. Tiles last a very long time, probably longer than your house will. They do not fade, and if one should become damaged, it is relatively easy to replace a single tile.
• Appeal. Kitchen tile is attractive in all types of settings. It should increase the value of your home and is a solid investment.
• Maintenance. Regular cleaning of tile flooring is about the only thing you have to worry about with tile.  it is practical in that it can handle spills of almost any kind, and can take kids and pets tracking in mud and everything else for years. It is very hard to stain tile, and after a simple cleaning it is as good as new.
• Creativity.  Kitchen tile comes in shapes, colors and patterns of almost limitless numbers. It is possible to even create your own. Patterns can be used to create interesting appearances. It is possible to mix and match colors and patterns and you may be as creative as you like.

Kitchen tile is a popular option for a very good reason. It is reasonable in price, easy to maintain and lasts for years. Tile flooring is a great option for kitchens, as well as bathrooms and other areas of your home.