Hardwood Floors

Timeless, Classic, Rich: Hardwood

Your home is your space to relax, live and spend time, and at Stradwick’s Carpet One in North Bay, ON, we want to help you make that space as comfortable as you desire. When it comes to flooring, nothing says traditional quite like hardwood. Hardwood floors have been around for a while now. Hardwood is long lasting and lasts the life of a home. Hardwood can add a depth of history that few other floors can. Hardwood floor planks can be made from a few different types of wood. We carry a wide selection of wood colors, species and finishes to go with any style from eclectic to rustic to farmhouse to modern. Two of our most popular species of wood are:

Pine: Pine is durable and is able to stand up to heavy foot traffic. Because of this, pine is a great choice for high traffic spaces like kitchens, living rooms or entryways. Pines are often golden brown and work well as a neutral complement to any aesthetic.

White Oak: White oak is also durable and can last for many years. White oak is a good choice of hardwood for families with pets or young children. White oak is uniform in appearance and has a light hue which gives it a clean look. White oak is one of our more budget-friendly options.

Although they are not classic hardwood, cork and bamboo are two options that resemble hardwood in look and performance. Plus, they are eco-friendly, sustainable products that will not have as large an impact on the environment. Check out our line of bamboo and cork here.