Carpet Trends North Bay, ON

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Selecting carpet flooring for your home is an important decision. After all, if your goal is longevity and durability, you will want your carpet to last for many years, thus making this choice that much more important. You also need to choose a type that will be timeless with regard to style and color, so you can get the return on your investment. Read the following for a few timeless suggestions to use for your next carpet purchase:
Stick to Basic Neutral Colors:
You might think neutral is bland or boring, but that’s simply false. In actuality, you can’t beat neutral colors when it comes to style. They are always in, making a neutral color a timeless choice. The colors beige, gray and brown are some examples of traditional neutral colors. In addition to its timeless properties, neutral color also hides dirty extremely well, which is yet another selling point. You can also easily accessorize and match your carpet when you choose a neutral base color. Consider your carpet the foundation for a fabulous room. The more neutral the color, the more you can do with bold furniture colors and other accessories.  
Think About Tight-Weaved Carpet:
Another timeless trend is the closed-loop style. You might remember when Berber weave became popular during the 1990s. The same kind of carpet, closed-loop continues to be popular today. The biggest selling point of tight-weave is its resistance to stains and dirt. This makes it an especially ideal choice for high-traffic areas of the home.
Don't be Afraid of Patterned Carpet:
If neutral carpet seems too bland, you will appreciate this timeless trend. Patterned carpet successfully hides stains and dirt by distracting the eye with patterns. It also provides a visually exciting foundation for a room. This means that even plain furniture in solid colors will take on a new life when placed upon a patterned base.
Plush is Always In:
No matter what changes in the carpet industry, plush is always in. This is because we all simply love the feeling of running our toes through luxurious, plush carpet. Therefore, choosing plush is always a good choice. Of course, this type of carpet does work best in bedrooms and other rooms that aren’t getting as much traffic.

Carpet is still popular, even with the rise of wood, faux wood and tile flooring. There is just something more homey and inviting about carpet when compared to other flooring options. So, we hope the tips above help you successfully choose the right timeless trend for your home, allowing you to incorporate carpet flooring into your home’s design.