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Carpet Tile in North Bay, ON

Carpet. It’s soft, comfortable and cozy. It is also available in so many different fibers, textures and colors and at Stradwicks Carpet One, we have a huge variety. Carpet is a great flooring choice for rooms you’ll be spending a lot of time in. A great choice for rooms you just want to kick back and relax in. Carpet is also a great choice for small children, since it will provide a cushy surface if they fall. Although carpet is not moisture-proof or uneasy to stain, there are so many modern enhancements to carpet such as sprays that are coated on to the carpet fibers to repel soil, stains and moisture which makes your job much easier!

One of the most unique types of carpet is carpet tile. Made from broadloom carpet, carpet tiles are what they sound like: pieces of carpet that are pieced together to make one finished floor. The cool thing about carpet tiles is that you can apply the same designs that are so popular for ceramic tiles and end up with a totally unique floor.

Here are some of our favorite designs for carpet tiles:


This design take square tiles and turns them on their side! The tiles are then pieced together at a diagonal to create a special effect. This design is great for any color, but especially tan or speckled tiles which will really show off the lines.


Simple and clean, this design is made by placing tiles in a diagonal line going down each way and using alternating colors for each line. This design can be classic in black and white or bold in bright or contrasting colors.


An offset design is created by alternating each row of carpet tiles so that their edges are offset, similar to a brick wall. Using squares together with rectangles or a few different colors will really make a statement.

Interested in learning more about carpet tiles or ready to create a design of your own? Call us today at 705-482-0231 or come in to see our products. 

Stradwick’s Carpet One is proud to serve customers throughout the areas of North Bay, Madawa and Sturgeon Falls.