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Carpet in North Bay, ON

Carpet Fibers

A lot goes into making the “new flooring” choice. Once you’ve narrowed it down to the actual material, there are still so many factors that play in to your choosing the final product. In the case of carpet it can be anything from pile height, color, texture, stain resistance, ability to withstand traffic and more. The constant in all of these comes down to the fibers that make up the carpets. How do you know which carpet fiber will achieve the best carpet and results for your lifestyle?

There are natural and synthetic fibers used to make yarn that is used to make carpet. Natural fibers are usually more fragile but can be really beautifully dyed and are unique while synthetic fibers are more predictable but also more noticeably manufactured.

Fiber treatments can be used on most types of carpet to make it last longer as well as perform better. Treatments applied during carpet production last longer than finishes applied to a carpet surface.

Additionally, fiber shape influences soil on the carpet, how easy it is to clean and the texture. For instance, a tightly twisted, low-pile carpet will look and feel much different than a loose, high-pile carpet. Come in to the Stradwick’s Showroom to take advantage of our unique SelectAFloor system which helps you sample and choose the perfect carpet for your needs!

To read more about specific natural and synthetic fibers and their performance abilities, click here. 

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