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Flooring Options for Kids in North Bay, ON

Kids are notoriously hard on floors--from melted crayons and marker when they're tiny to nail polish, mascara and mud when they get older--they really take a beating. Choosing the best flooring options that will grow with your child can be a challenge, but we've pulled together some hot tips that will help you navigate the bedroom flooring challenges. Whether you have young children or are updating the room for your tween or teen, you'll find some great ideas to keep them happy, and keep you from spending too much time on cleanup!

Childhood Years

When you have small children, there is a high likelihood that their bedroom flooring is going to be damaged by some sort of freak accident. Even the most careful parents will find that kids can manage to do the craziest and most unexpected things. Two great options for this age are hardwood floors (with a great rug or soft tiles added on top for safety!) or a very inexpensive carpeting. Since kid's rooms are generally small, putting in an inexpensive carpeting gives you options once they grow and mature, as you can either upgrade to carpeting or hardwood based on their preferences as they develop.

Tweens and Teens

Notoriously fickle and difficult to please, tweens and teens have a mind of their own when it comes to their bedroom. That beautiful shade of blue or pink bedroom flooring that you selected before they were born may have served them well through their toddler years, but they are now ready for something "grown up" and much more mature. Starting with bedroom flooring options that are more flexible is a great bet, such as hardwood flooring or a good quality beige carpeting. Beige doesn't have to be boring, though! Let your mini-adult choose some fun rugs that are inexpensive enough to be swapped out when they change their mind about their style--and they will!

From infants to teens, these bedroom flooring options will give them the fun and safe environment that they need to grow and express their individual style.