• Feb 09, 2016
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2016 Window Treatment Trends

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When you think of what's trending in home design, window treatment trends are likely not the first thing to come to mind. However, it's important to remember how crucial natural lighting is, and thus window treatments are, to the ambiance of a room. Kim Kiner, Vice President of Product Design at Hunter Douglas, shares some key home furnishings trends for 2016 and explains how to incorporate them into your window décor. 

The Connected Home

Technology has become an expected feature in any new home and existing homeowners are also loving the wire-free aesthetic and safety aspect that it offers. Imagine being at work and having the ability to go online to close your window shades, turn on lights or change the temperature within your home. New PowerView™ Motorization, available on a wide array of Hunter Douglas window treatments, allows your shades to adjust themselves automatically to create the perfect room ambience, morning, noon and night. Available in seven on-trend colors, the Pebble™ Controls have a beautiful, sleek design that complements any décor. With the intuitive PowerView App, set shades in motion from any place with RemoteConnect™.  It merges seamlessly with the connected lifestyle.  And, PowerView Motorization can be easily integrated into virtually any home automation system.

Everyday Luxury

This new luxury has a casual sophistication that embraces a less-is-more approach with a respect for exceptional quality, high-end design and unparalleled products. The glistening sheen of soft metallics is trending for the pared-down, everyday luxury it represents. The Alustra Collection metallic headrail finishes; Duette® Opalessence™; Alustra Duette Sheer Opalessence and Myst™ fabrics; Pirouette window shadings Satin Metallic fabrics and the Alustra Silhouette Myst fabric all reflect this trend.


Alustra® Pirouette® Charmeuse Window Shadings in Bronzed Gold by Hunter Douglas

Organic Textures

There is a strong design trend towards authentic, organic materials: unfinished wood and natural fibers like cotton, linen and wool. Heritance® hardwood shutters Handcrafted Series and Parkland™ wood blinds, both from Hunter Douglas, focus on enhancing the inherent character and beauty of natural wood. And the company’s Provenance® Woven Wood Shades are made from organic materials like grass and bamboo. Timeless and comforting linen textures are found in a number of Hunter Douglas collections, including Design Studio™ Roman Shades, Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, Duette® Architella® shades, Pirouette® window shadings and Silhouette® window shadings. And textures that offer a relaxed sophistication are presented in products like Alustra® Woven Textures® Shades and Alustra Brio Silhouette shadings, which offers a unique, first-of-its-kind naturally textured woven face sheer fabric.


Provenance® Woven Wood Shades in Wicker Rocker by Hunter Douglas

To Make Responsible Decisions

Everyone today wants to make responsible decisions in products, particularly for their home. Window treatments can fulfill this desire by helping to improve the energy-efficiency of your windows.  Duette Architella honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas feature a patented cell-within-a-cell design that can almost double the energy efficiency of a window, helping to lower heating and cooling costs when properly installed. Not only do these shades fulfill practical purposes, they also offer a wide range of beautiful fabric options to add additional beauty to the home.

Products That Serve Multiple Purposes

While adhering to the wish to make responsible decisions, consumers are also seeking multifunctional products that offer more than just one benefit. Window treatments such as Pirouette window shadings, which is like a Roman shade, but with a view, offer the beauty of light diffusion for an exquisite, comfortable ambiance, while at the same time providing ultraviolet protection and light control.

Pick one or more trends and go for it! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To view more of the Hunter Douglas products Kim mentioned and get additional details, visit www.hunterdouglas.com.




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